Arkansas Association of USA Track & Field Annual Meeting
October 2, 2015 Fayetteville, AR  

President Mike Trexler began introductions and asked Membership Chair Liz Dillon to record minutes of the meeting in the absence of Secretary Lottie Keaton. Lottie Keaton and Walter Harris had called Mike Armstrong to let him know they would arrive at least 30 minutes late.  

This is the report, once everyone had arrived.  

1. Attendance:  Officers present were Mike Trexler, President; Walter Harris, Vice President; Lottie Keaton, Secretary/Treasurer and Women’s Track & Field Chair; Liz Dillon, Membership. Committee Chairpersons present were Mike Armstrong, Officials, and Gordon Sasser, Master’s. Other members present were Cameron Case, Edward Hurley, Elizabeth Moody, Latesha Short, Taylor Short, Shawn Wierick and John Winn.  

2.   Reports:  President:  Mike Trexler acknowledged Laura, U of A Track and Field office staff, for her hospitality and coordination of our meeting room this year.  He then gave a summary of the year, including increased participation and membership. He announced that elections would be held during the meeting and asked Liz Dillon Membership Chair to take attendance and verify membership and voting eligibility of those present. He reminded attendees that individuals must be a members for at least 30 days in order to be eligible to vote in this year’s election of officers.  

 Membership:  Liz Dillon reported that current membership is 457 individual members and 16 current active clubs.  Both numbers are highest ever achieved by the Association.  Four of the clubs are new this year, and Liz reported helping to mentor some through their first year.  

 Vice President: Walter Harris discussed the need for greater participation among members in events and leadership opportunities for the good of the Association.  

 Treasurer:  Lottie Keaton gave every attendee a financial report package which included a current YTD financial statement 1/1/15 through 9/30/15. Copies of bank statements and checks/deposit slips from 10/1/14 through 9/30/15 were also included. The YTD report shows total revenue of $28,052.08, with YTD expenses being $2,492.48.  

 Secretary:  Lottie Keaton reported from a letter from the National Office at some point, requiring a report by November 1, explaining three specific deficiencies hindering full accreditation status of the Association.  We currently have provisional status.  The areas below standard are 1) Membership numbers. No specific number needed was given.  2)  Website development. It needs some improvements. 3) Number of Championships held. We have held 12, and 21 are required. There was some discussion of who oversees website management. Mike Armstrong reported that Adrian Cummings has done it in the past as a volunteer.  Lottie reported we have received a grant for membership development and there was discussion of a membership incentive to be given for new members.  Lottie also asked if we could honor a commitment she made to 8 Cross Country runners last year, to pay membership renewals this year if they went to the National XC meet. Walter made the motion. Mike Armstrong seconded the motion, and it was approved by all with no opposition.   

Officials:  Mike Armstrong reported approximately 145 officials in the Arkansas organization. In December, he took part in and passed the IAAF Level II Technical Official Course in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mike was one of five officials from around the country sent by USA Track and Field to take part in this. Congratulations, Mike!  

3. Elections   Mike Trexler was elected President (uncontested, by acclamation). Gordon Sasser, Vice President (by majoroity ballot). Taylor Short, Secretary (uncontested, by acclamation).  Treasurer, Elizabeth Moody (by majority ballot). Membership, Liz Dillon (uncontested, by acclamation.)  

4.   Other Business  There was discussion of adding committee members to assist various committees. Latesha Short and Shawn Wierick volunteered to serve on the youth committee. Mike Trexler asked Gordon Sasser to head a committee for Fund Raising and Development, and he agreed.  Shawn Wierick also volunteered to chair the Cross Country Committee.    

Submitted by Liz Dillon Membership Chair and Communications October 30, 2015 

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