Arkansas Association of USA Track & Field


Annual Meeting


October 14, 2011


Fayetteville, AR



1.         Attendance:  Officers present were Mike Armstrong, President and Officials Chair; John Mitchell, Secretary/Treasurer; and Tom Aspel, Membership and Chair of Cross Country and Mountain, Ultra, Trail.  Jamie Chandler, Youth Chair and Lisa Vorwerk, Women’s Long Distance Running Chair were in attendance as were USATF members Walter Harris, Paul LeBlanc and Kathleen Lehman.  A quorum was declared and the meeting proceeded.


2.         Minutes:  Minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting were presented by John Mitchell.  Motion to accept and seconded; all approved.


3.        Financial Report:  John Mitchell gave the financial report and presented the Fiscal Year Ended 12-31-2010 Financial Statement which included a balance sheet and income statement.  Total assets at Bank of the Ozarks were $15,825.09.  Annual Revenues were $4,298.06 with Net Income of ($343.45).  


4.        Reports:  Mike Armstrong reported the Arkansas Association is approved for Provisional Accreditation status for the 2010 accreditation period.       The “2010 Association Accreditation Review” was presented, reflecting our Association met 6 of 10 required standards and 6 of 9 other standards.  In 2009 our Association met 5 of 9 required standards and 5 of 9 other standards.  To achieve full accreditation status an association must meet all 10 required standards and 6 of 9 other standards.   


          Tom Aspel reported current membership is currently 320.  This is an increase from the 245 members in 2010.  The USATF minimum standard for Arkansas is 600 members.


          John Mitchell reported events sanctioned so far this year are 21.  The USATF minimum standard is 20 sanctions.


            Jamie Chandler reported since our last annual meeting, two Youth Association Championships have been held.  On November 13, 2010 an Arkansas Association Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship was held in Rogers, AR.  On June 18, 2011 an Association Junior Olympic Track and Field Championship was held in Paragould, AR.  Ten youth athletes from Arkansas advanced through the Regional Track and Field Championships held in Tulsa, OK and on to the National Championships in Wichita, Kansas.  The 2011 Assoc. JO Cross Country Championship is scheduled for November 12 in Rogers.  The two championships this past year are credited with increasing Association youth membership from 53 in 2010 to 129 in 2011.


           Mike Armstrong reported there were 137 certified officials in the Association.  The minimum standard is 50.


           Tom Aspel reported Association Masters Track & Field Championships were held in conjunction with the Junior Olympic T&F Championships on June 18. 


           John Mitchell reported the Arkansas Association has 8 Organizational Club Members for 2011 represented by Bell Athletics, Club Arkansas,   Arkansas Vault Club, Little Rock Road Runners, Pole Vault Unlimited, Rogers Cross Country, Delta Elite and DLT Events Inc.  The USATF minimum standard is 16.


5.         Election of Officers:  As mandated by Association Bylaws, an election of officers for two year terms was held.  Tom Aspel agreed to serve another term as Membership Chair.  John Mitchell agreed to continue as Secretary/Treasurer.  Mike Armstrong stated his desire to step down as President, having served in the position for four years, and agreed to fill the position of Vice-President.  John Mitchell was named as interim President to fill the vacant president position.  




John Mitchell


            October 14, 2011

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