Arkansas Association of USA Track & Field

Annual Meeting

October 12, 2012

Fayetteville, AR


1. Attendance: Officers present were John Mitchell, Interim President and Secretary/Treasurer; Mike Armstrong, Vice President and Officials Chair; and Tom Aspel, Membership Chair and Chair of Cross Country and Mountain, Ultra, Trail.  Board member Jon Benedict, Race Walk Chair was in attendance as were USATF members Liz Dillon, Tom McBee and Mike Trexler.


2. Minutes: Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting were presented by John Mitchell.  Motion to accept and seconded; all approved.


3. Financial Report: John Mitchell gave the financial report and presented the Fiscal Year Ended 12-31-2011 Financial Statement which included a balance sheet and income statement.  Total assets were $16,066.81.  Annual Revenues were $4,440.54 with Net Income of $241.72.  Motion to accept and seconded; all approved.


4. Reports: John Mitchell reported the Arkansas Association is approved for Provisional Accreditation status for the 2011 accreditation period.  The “2011 Association Accreditation Review” was presented, reflecting our Association met 6 of 10 required standards and 6 of 9 other standards.  In 2010 our Association met 6 of 10 required standards and 6 of 9 other standards.  To achieve full accreditation status an association must meet all 10 required standards and 6 of 9 other standards.  A proposed response to a USATF requested Plan for Improvement was presented.  The response is due back to USATF no later than November 15.


Tom Aspel reported current membership is 402.  This is up from 329 in 2011.  The USATF minimum standard for Arkansas is 600 members.


John Mitchell reported events sanctioned so far this year are 27.  The USATF minimum standard is 20 sanctions.


Jamie Chandler, Youth Chair, was unable to attend but submitted her report stating two Youth Association Championships have been held since our last annual meeting.  On November 12, 2011 an Arkansas Association Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship was held at Shiloh Christian School in Springdale, with 40 participants, three of whom advanced to the National Championship.  On June 16, 2012 an Association JO Track & Field Championship was held at Hendrix College in Conway with 83 participants, 22 of whom advanced to Nationals.  The two championships this past year are credited with increasing Association youth membership from 129 in 2011 to 182 in 2012.  The 2012 JO Cross Country meet will again be at Shiloh on November 17.


Mike Armstrong reported there were 179 certified officials in the Association, an increase from 147 in 2011.  The minimum standard is 50.  With the conclusion of the 2008-2012 Olympiad all officials will have to recertify for the 2013-2016 Olympiad.  Mike will begin this recertification process November 1.  Numerous Arkansas officials were selected to officiate championship meets across the country in 2012.  A partial list of the championships includes SEC Indoor and Outdoor, NCAA Div. I & II, US Masters Indoor, Junior Nationals and Olympic Trials.


Tom Aspel reported Association Open and Masters Track & Field Championships were held in conjunction with the Junior Olympic T&F Championship on June 16.  An Open and Masters Cross Country Championship will be held with the JO Cross Country meet.


John Mitchell reported the Arkansas Association has 16 Organizational Club Members for 2012, an increase from 10 in 2011.  The USATF minimum standard is 16.


Jon Benedict reported an Association Race Walk Championship is planned for 2013.


USATF Annual Meeting reports:  Mike Armstrong and John Mitchell           represented the Association at the 2011 Annual Meeting in St. Louis.  John reported on three USATF proposed changes affecting our association.  1.  Event sanction applications are going to an online (paperless) format.  2.  An escalating sanction late fee structure is under consideration.  3.  The 19 Accreditation standards are being merged down to about 12 “Required” and the elimination of the “Other” categories.


Mike, who serves on the USATF Officials Training Committee and Evaluations Subcommittee, reported a new apprentice (beginner) title has been added making a fourth certification level for officials, the other three being Association, National and Master.  He served on the committee that put together new certification standards for officials.  In addition he chaired the committee that created a national protocol for high jump officials and also taught a training seminar on setting up a high jump venue.


5.         Special Election (Interim President): John Mitchell stated he was unable to continue the duties of Interim President as well as serve as Secretary and Treasurer.  A special election was held and Mike Trexler was elected to serve the remaining twelve month term of office.


6.         Other Business: Group agreed to continue ongoing strategic financial plan of maintaining total assets to a minimum of $15,000.00 unless an emergency as declared by the Board of Directors is determined to exist.


In closing, John Mitchell read aloud a thank you letter he received from a 10 year old Association athlete who participated in the Junior Olympic Nationals “Thank you so much for believing in me and extending my membership!!  I’ll look forward to seeing you again!  I appreciate the opportunity to run!  Thank you again and I’ll see you again on the track.”  Signed, Jude Lindsey



John Mitchell


October 12, 2012


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