Arkansas Association of USA Track & Field


Annual Meeting


October 4, 2013


Fayetteville, AR


  1. Attendance:  Officers present were Mike Trexler, Interim President; Mike Armstrong, Vice President and Officials Chair; Tom Aspel, Membership Chair and Chair of Mountain, Ultra, Trail and John Mitchell, Secretary/Treasurer.  Board members Jamie Chandler, Youth Chair and Lottie Keaton, Women’s Track & Field Chair were in attendance. 
  2. Minutes:  Minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting were presented by John Mitchell.  Motion to accept and seconded; all approved.
  3. Financial Report:  John Mitchell gave the financial report and presented the Fiscal Year Ended 12-31-2012 Financial Statement which included a balance sheet and income statement.  Total assets were $16,757.83.  Annual Revenues were $4,829.64 with Net Income of $691.02.  Also presented was a 2013 Financial Statement, current as of the meeting date.  Motion to accept and seconded; all approved.  
  4. Reports:  John Mitchell reported the Arkansas Association is approved for Provisional Accreditation status based on the 2012 accreditation period statistics.  The “2012 Association Accreditation Review” was presented, reflecting our Association met 6 of 10 required standards.  To achieve full accreditation status an association must meet all 10 required standards.

    Tom Aspel reported current membership is 423. This is up from 406 in 2012. The USATF minimum standard for Arkansas is 584 members.

    John Mitchell reported events sanctioned so far this year are 34. The USATF minimum standard is 30 sanctions. Event sanctioning has been upgraded to a paperless online application and approval process.

    Mike Armstrong reported there were 125 certified officials in the Association. The minimum standard is 50. Numerous Arkansas officials were selected to officiate championship meets across the country in 2013. Some of the championships were the World Masters Championships in Brazil, SEC Indoor and Outdoor Championships, NCAA Div. I & II National and Regional Championships, US Masters Indoor and Outdoor and US Junior and Senior Nationals. Mike Armstrong serves on the Awards and Training Sub-Committees for the National Officials’ Committee. He taught a clinic at the 2012 Annual Meeting and led a group that developed a Venue Safety Checklist to be used by referees at all levels to check for safety issues at meets.

    Jamie Chandler reported there were 115 youth and 25 open/masters participants in this summer’s Arkansas Association Outdoor Track & Field Championships. Many of the youth who qualified advanced to the Regional Championships in St. Louis. A total of 29 Arkansas youth continued to advance and competed in the National Junior Olympic Championships in Greensboro, NC.

    John Mitchell reported the Arkansas Association currently has 14 Organizational Clubs. The USATF minimum standard is 12. A new USATF accreditation standard for 2013 requires 50% of individual members must belong to clubs. Currently 63.8% of individual members are in a club. Club applications and renewals have also been upgraded to a paperless online process.      
  5. Election of Officers:  Mike Trexler was elected President, Walter Harris Vice President, Lottie Keaton Treasurer, Jeff Maher Secretary and Liz Dillon Membership Chair.
  6. Other Business:  Jamie Chandler discussed the 2014 Region Nine Junior Olympic Outdoor Track & Field Championships to be hosted by the Arkansas Association next summer.  Development of a youth committee to assist with the planning is being formed.  Anyone interested in participating is asked to contact Mike Trexler or Jamie.    

John Mitchell


October 4, 2013

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