OCTOBER 3, 2014



Members in attendance:          Mike Trexler, President

                                                Lottie Keaton, Treasurer

                                                Jamie Chandler, Youth Chair

                                                Mike Armstrong, Officials Certification Chair

Gordon Sasser, Masters Chair

                                                Kyle Chandler, Guest of Jamie



Greetings/Introduction –  President, Mike Trexler opened the meeting with introduction thanking everyone for their attendance.  One of the items Mike discussed was recognizing USATF All American athletes.  The list consist of Amanda Dillon, Zack McWhortey, Aniyah Johnson, Coulaj Eans just to name a few.  Mike wish to start an awards banquet to recognize such athletes.  Trexler also reported on the Association Workshop he and Walter Harris attended.  The information was valuable and a better understanding of how and what is expected of each association to meet national requirements.


Financial Report – Lottie presented the report of revenue and expenses for the association.  As of September 30, 2014 the association balance is $ 24, 147.35.  Included in the balance is

$ 9, 147.35 of available cash and $ 15,000 reserve funds.  There was also a financial report made on the State Meet held at Hendrix College.  Total revenue for the State meet was $ 2,622.51 and expenses totaled $ 1,687.30.  The State meet made a profit of $ 935.21.  Region 9 was held in Arkansas for the first time in approximately eight years.  Total revenue for Region 9 was $ 17,368.00.  Expenses incurred for Region 9 was $ 10,411.34.  The Region Meet made a profit of

$ 6,956.66.  


Officials Report – Mike Armstrong reported that the association has 125 officials which will make available 2 spots at the annual meeting.  He is looking to increase the membership.  He also reported that there were six AR association officials to work Texas Relays, six officials at the Sunbelt Conference, one at Big Ten Outdoor and two at Sr. Nationals. 


Youth Report and Cross Country Championship – Jamie reported on the State Meet.  She mention that there were 150 kids participating in the meet.  The Region 9 meet had approximately 500 athletes.  This is the first time the AR has hosted a Region Meet.  The lack of participants and athletes being overlooked needed to be addressed.  The AR association rotation to host another Region meet in 2018. 


Masters Report – Gordon took over as Masters Chair and reported that he is diligently working on his advertising campaign to promote and recruit more runners.


Accreditation Update – Lottie reported in detail about the requirements set upon the association to fulfill the National obligation to keep our accreditation.  There were a list of items that needed the association attention and Lottie pointed them out to the members.  The areas of standard that we shall/must meet are:

Individual Members                                                    Fiscal Solvency

Organization Members                                                Communication

Sanctions                                                                     Association Documents

Championships                                                            Representation

Officials                                                                      Coaches Education


Out of the ten areas of Association Accreditation Statistics, the items highlighted are the areas were the association met the standard.  Lottie prepared a draft Plan For Improvement for the members to discuss and agree on.  Lottie will address and submit a plan to improve the following association deficiencies.  Individual Members, Championships, Communication, Representation. 


Membership Report – Membership Chair, Liz Dillon was not able to attend the meeting; however, President Mike T. presented her report in her stead.  As of the day of the meeting, individual membership was at 459.  The required number to meet the association goal was 590.  Ideas were thrown out to address how we may put a plan in place in order to meet our 2015 goal.  Lottie talked about being the liaison between AAU and USATF.  There are AAU clubs that we looking to in order to reach them and convince them to participate USATF.


Annual Meeting – President Mike T. spoke on the upcoming Annual Meeting and dialogue back and forward about who should attend the annual meeting.  Because of the deficiency in representation, Mike felt that all members: President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Secretary, Youth Chair, Membership Chair, and Officials Chair all should attend the meeting.  Walter will speak with Jeff Henderson and Wallace Spearman about attending as the athlete representation.  This will meet our required number of eight representatives to attend the meeting.


New Business – Youth Chair, Jamie Chandler, presented a letter of resignation and expressed her appreciation and commitment to the organization during her time as Youth Chair.  She expressed that she would be resigning effective immediately. 


Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 p.m.






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